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Our Mission

oikos Solar aims to install solar panels on every viable rooftop across Switzerland

The newly founded oikos Solar is a non-profit organization that aims to help Switzerland in its greatest challenge yet: the transition from nuclear to solar energy. The period we are currently experiencing is very promising for our project. An ever-increasing demand for electricity and incentives recently provided by the Federal Assembly lay the foundation for solar expansion in Switzerland. The canton of Ticino is an important place to fulfill our mission because of its advantageous geographical location, and cheaper cost for solar panel installation and maintenance.

Facts & Numbers

34.4 Terawatt Hours
will the Swiss electricity gap be per year in the year 2050. That is more than half of our current energy consumption!
Only 2.5%
of Swiss roofs have solar panels. Be one of the first movers!
30 to 60%
of the costs will be subsidized by the Swiss government

We take care of everything

The necessary capital is organised by oikos Solar and recuperated through solar cashflow
Sourcing the solar panels, project management & maintenance is done by oikos Solar to minimize the effort for roof owners
Flexible prices
Flexibility on energy price discount and ROI point
After the capital has been recouped the ownership of the  solar panels is transferred to the roof owner

For investors

The demand for electricity will continue to increase in the years to come. By 2035 there will be a million more inhabitants in Switzerland with +50% peak electricity usage compared to today. In addition, nuclear energy will go offline cutting a third of Switzerland’s energy production.

However, there is a huge deficit in the amount of solar panels installed. In fact, 37% of all Swiss roofs are suitable for the installation of solar panels. But at present, only 2.5% of roofs in Switzerland have such infrastructure. For this reason, subsidies have recently been granted that cover 30 to 60% of the total cost on a federal and cantonal level. Finally, new legislation facilitate the construction of solar panels, since it is no longer necessary to have a building permit for them.

oikos Solar can provide CO₂ certificates and capital repayment or a 4% return and capital repayment. The investment is safeguarded through a combination of extensive insurance coverage on the solar panels, oikos' own financial assets, solar panel ownership, and a legally guaranteed cash flow.
Extensive Solar Insurance
Electricity sold to verified partners
Ownership of the panels
Legal obligation of Roof Owners
We solve the 2 major reasons why roofowners didn’t take advantage of their solar potential yet:
Capital and financial administration
Project management and necessary free time from each individual roof owner

For roof owners

For roof owners, oikos Solar offers security, expertise and project management. We take care of every stage of the process: from the analysis and installation of the solar panels to the transfer of ownership. oikos Solar, provides free guidance on suitable solar arrays and useful contacts. However, roof owners have the flexibility to construct solar panel systems using their own resources and management. Once installed, solar panels generate electricity, which is sold at a favorable price to the homeowner and fed into the grid. Solely through these revenues, the investment is progressively repaid, on average in 7 to 12 years.

When the invested capital is repaid, the ownership of the solar panels is transferred from oikos Solar to the homeowner. In addition to the aforementioned payments, the homeowner always has the option to redeem the ownership of the solar panels by paying oikos Solar the invested capital.

How do we help our Roof Owners?

Before Commisioning
Free consultation on suitable solar arreysand useful contacts. Roof owners can then choose to build the solar array using their own funds and management.
At Commisioning
Cash Flow Phase

oikos Solar takes care of the entire installation process:

  • The homeowner saves money by consuming the electricity produced at a favorable price
  • Excess energy is sold to the grid
  • The homeowner's electric bills become an investment for an independent energy future
At ROI +4%
The Panels have paid for themselves

Investors are repaid in full, and the solar panels are transferred to the roof owner (usually in 7 to 12 years in the canton Ticino)

oikos has completed its purpose and will repeat the process at another location.

About us

“oikos St. Gallen aims for change in business and economics, purposed for a sustainable world.”
oikos is a recognized non-profit organization that can trace its roots back to the 1970. We were founded by HSG students, and have since developed into a thriving impact-first organization with more than 120 members in our community. We operate 12 projects & platforms within various spheres taking into account the environmental, social and economic dimensions of sustainability.
We believe in the following key guiding principles:
  • That climate action is necessary and essential for the survival of mankind
  • That the current economic system must not be replaced, but improved
  • That the economy and ecology aren’t opposites. With a long-term view, they are actually analogous
  • Active climate protection needs entrepreneurial thinking
  • Protecting the climate means taking on responsibility

Leadership team

Emanuele Cimino
Customer Acquisition
Mario Hajj Assaf
Lorena Kummer
oikos Vice-President
Words from our President
The energy transformation is one of the mostly costly, yet important challenges facing Europe in the next decade. With oikos Solar we can not only do our part in fighting climate change, but also invest and build up our competences in industries and technologies of the future. oikos Solar is just getting started. Contact us and get involved today.
Alexander Degenhardt
President - oikos St. Gallen


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